Pressure Area Care Products

Pressure Area Care

We stock a large range of products to both prevent the development of pressure wounds, and to aid patients recover quickly and comfortably from pressure injuries.

Use our clickable body to find products for specific areas, or browse the whole range below. We also stock accessories and pumps.

We also have a range of resources and guides to help you correctly adjust and fit pressure care products.

Benefits of EHOB Pressure Care Products

  • Highly cost-effective due to the product being re-usable
  • Antimicrobial agent incorporated into the product, which is an effective second barrier against a wide range of microorganisms including MRSA, C.DIFF and E.Coli
  • Optimal envelopment and immersion properties to ensure clinical efficacy and patient comfort
  • Provides effective ventilation and optimal microclimate due to its placement of ventilation holes
  • Minimises risk of skin maceration as body fluids are drawn away from the patient’s skin
  • Latex-free and low profile

EHOB Mattress Overlay

  • Weight limit: up to 272kg
  • Supplied with manual air pump
  • A removable TPU strap to fix to the bed can be supplied – complies with guidelines for infection control
  • Low profile depth (8cm)
  • Can be inflated while patient is lying on the mattress overlay
  • Welded handwell grips along the lateral sides of the overlay allow for ease of patient transfers, mobilizing and log rolling
  • Clear valve for inflation and manual adjustments, red CPR valve for rapid deflation
  • Fixed corner straps secure and centre the mattress overlay on the bed
  • Additional straps available
4000A193cm x 86cm x 8cmNo Strap
4000AS193cm x 86cm x 8cmWith Fixing Strap
4000ASPExtra StrapsPack of 4
  • Weight limit up to 363kg
  • Can be used on a double mattress or bariatric mattress
  • A removable TPU strap to fix to the bed can be supplied – complies with guidelines for infection control.
  • Low profile depth ( 8cm)
  • Easy inflation with Double action Air delivery pump
  • Clear valve for inflation and manual adjustments, and red CPR valve for rapid deflation
  • Reinforced handwells
  • Additional straps available
4010A193cm x 123cm x 8cmNo Strap
4010AS193cm x 123cm x 8cmWith Fixing Strap
4010ASPExtra StrapsPack of 4
  • Automatic side positioning system 0-30º for pressure ulcer prevention or treatment
  • Comprehensive pressure relief prevention of pressure injuries/ulcers treatment of existing injuries/ulcers
  • Can be integrated into any care bed with a removable mattress
  • Time-saving, results in more care time available for the patient
  • Comfortable and doesn’t interrupt normal sleep
  • Side Support System slight lifting of the mattress, on the reverse side of the primary lift side, provides support and reassurance as well as decreases the risk of shear.

For more details about this system, please see our full brochure.

7012885cm x 200cmFull Turn All System
7011385cm x 200cmLifting Mechanism Only
7011485cm x 200cmMattress Cover Only
7611727cm x 13cm x 10cmPump for Turn All Only
  • Weight limit: up to 136kg
  • Supplied with or without fixing strap
  • Two sizes available to fit different chairs
  • Additional straps available
4210A43cm x 43cm x 4cmNo
4210AS43cm x 43cm x 4cmSupplied
4220A48cm x 48cm x 5cmNo
4220AS48cm x 48cm x 5cmSupplied
4210ASPSmall Cushion – spare straps6 x extra straps
4220ASPLarge Cushion – spare straps6 x extra straps
  • Weight limit: up to 136kg
  • Can be used in a Riser/Recliner chair
  • Supplied with fixation straps to attach to Riser/Recliner chair
  • Low profile depth (8cm)
  • Easy inflation with double action air delivery pump (manual pump included)
4290A166cm x 53cm x 8cm
  • Weight limit: up to 318kg
  • Can be used in a chair or bed
  • Low profile depth (5cm)
  • Easy inflation with double action air delivery pump (manual pump included)
4250B71cm x 56cm x 5cm
  • Weight limit – up to 156kg
  • Includes manual air pump
  • Provides support and comfort to lower limbs and offloads heels
  • Stepped-up wedge design prevents hyperextension of the knee
  • Fixable TPU strap complies with infection control guidelines, that can be used on a single or double bed
4310A86cm x 43cm x 9cm

EHOB Heel Protector

  • Available in Velcro or button fastenings for ease of fitting
  • Standard size fits most, bariatric/XL version available
  • Strap fastening to hold lower limb in place
  • Plantar surface window flap for inspection of heel and ease of routine dressing changes to wounds
  • Separate offloading sealed air pillow
  • Easy inflation with optional air delivery pump
CodeSizeFasteningPump Included
4430AStandardSilicone ButtonNo
4440BStandardVelcroManual Pump
4430BStandardSilicone ButtonManual Pump
4420BBariatric/XLSilicone ButtonManual Pump

Podus Boot

  • Provides protection while in bed or ambulating
  • Soft Kodel liner, can be removed and washed
  • Simple closure straps
  • Features a rotator bar that can be used to correct internal /external rotation of the hip, ankle and foot
  • Extendable footplate
L-PBR5-10 (UK)
L-PBRXL10-12 (UK)

Heel-Up Boot

  • Simple closure straps
  • Additional extension straps available to fit larger lower limb circumference
  • Plantar surface window flap for inspection of heel 
  • Can be machine washed
  • Friction-free textile
HUP10One Size


  • Disposable heel lifter supplied in packs of 10
  • Can be worn on bare skin or against bandages
  • Vapodrain technology helps regulate temperature, keeping the patient cool and comfortable
  • Very small and lightweight when packed, making it ideal for home visits
  • Single patient use, but can be cleaned with a damp cloth for prolonged usage
  • Compatible with the DCM pump
5711033Small – 240mm x 390mm
5711022Medium – 245mm x 410mm
5711046Large – 250mm – 460mm

EHOB M.A.D. Pump

The M.A.D. pump provides non-electrical, inflation for all EHOB overlays. It ensures therapeutic effectiveness and maximizes the medically proven benefits of static air support.

540-MADManual Pump

EHOB L.A.D. Pump

The smaller L.A.D. pump provides non-electrical, inflation for all EHOB cushions and the Multi-Care Pad. The L.A.D. can also be used with EHOB heel elevators.

520-LADManual Pump

DCM Pump

The DCM pump is a manual hand pump for use with Decaheel heel lifters.



Additional straps for the EHOB mattress overlays, cushions and bariatric mattress products.

CodeUse With Pack Size
4000ASPSingle MattressPack of 4
4210ASPSmall CushionPack of 6
4220ASPLarge CushionPack of 6
4010ASPBariatric/Double MattressPack of 4